How to Cash-Out a Gift Card

Gift cards are a great gift, but sometimes they can be difficult to use. This is when you may want to cash them out.

There are websites that allow you to sell your gift card for cash. They typically offer a percentage of the value.

Other websites offer you the option to trade your gift card for other, 문화상품권현금화 more desirable, gift cards.

1. Sell it

Turning unused gift cards into cash is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money. There are a variety of reputable online resellers, such as Raise and CardCash, that will purchase the card for a percentage of its total value.

Another option is to sell the gift card at a yard sale or on Craigslist. Just make sure you know how much is left on the card to avoid overpaying.

If you’re willing to take a risk, you can also try regifting the card to a friend or family member who would really enjoy it. However, be aware of transaction fees that may be incurred when you move the money out of your PayPal account into a bank account.

Alternatively, you can bring the gift card to your local Target and trade it in for cash or other store gift cards. Then, spend the money on something you actually want or need. This might feel safer than selling your card online, but you’ll still have to wait a few days for the cash to show up in your PayPal account or in your mailbox.

2. Trade it

If you don’t want to sell your gift card for cash, you can use sites like Prepaid2Cash and CardCash to turn it into another kind of money. These sites liquidate prepaid cards from many major retailers, including Target and Nike.

Then you can use that money to buy something else you actually want. Or you can put it toward long-term savings or investing.

You can also use websites such as Acorns or Empower (Personal Capital) to automatically invest your gift cards. You won’t get as much in return, but you will grow the original amount over time.

Another option is to regift the card. There’s bound to be somebody you know with a birthday, anniversary or graduation coming up who could really use the card.

3. Exchange it

If the gift card to a retailer you just can’t stand is nearing its balance, you may be in a bit of a pinch. But don’t worry, a few quick searches can reveal sites that let you turn those unwanted cards into cash.

Sites like Raise act as a marketplace for both physical and e-gift cards, allowing you to put up your gift card for sale. Buyers browse and bid on the cards, and once you find a deal, you receive the money.

Gameflip is another option, letting you sell or buy games and other digital items. And CardSwap offers a similar service for those with physical or e-gift cards, though it does have more specific merchants it accepts. If you want to try to make the most of that last drop, many retailers offer their own gift card exchange kiosks where you can trade the card for cash in seconds. And you can also return your unused card if you don’t think you’ll ever use it.

4. Donate it

If you don’t want to spend or give away your gift card, consider donating it. Nonprofits, including local groups that make a difference in your community, frequently accept gift cards as donations and put them to good use. Many charities also run basket raffles and giveaways where spare gift cards can provide a lot of value. Many of these nonprofits partner with third-party services, such as Cardcash and CharityChoice, which convert merchant gift cards into donations. These third-party services usually take a small percentage of the donation to cover their operating costs, but much more than that makes it to the charity.

You can also ask around among your friends, family and colleagues to see if anyone wants the card or the money it represents. You can even post a plea on social media to try to find a recipient. If you can’t find a person to take it, consider earmarking it for birthdays, graduations or other special occasions as a way to save on future presents.