Cosmetic Dentistry – What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a collection of procedures and treatments that aim to improve the look of your smile. It differs from restorative dentistry, which focuses on keeping your mouth healthy and functioning well.

Many general dentists are able to perform cosmetic dentistry 강남임플란트 procedures, but a specialist will have extra training in this field and will have extensive experience with the procedure.

Teeth Whitening

A common procedure, teeth whitening or bleaching, removes tooth discoloration and staining to lighten your smile. It’s typically done at the dentist, although you can also do it at home with a special tray and a professional-grade whitening product.

Cosmetic dentistry is elective, not essential, so it’s not usually covered by dental insurance. However, procedures that improve both health and appearance may be covered in part by some plans.

Many people turn to cosmetic dentistry to improve their self-image. Others choose treatments to prevent problems, such as straightening crooked teeth. Not only does this make it easier to clean crowded or overlapping teeth, but it can help reduce the risk of gum disease and bite problems. Invisalign clear aligners are an example of a popular orthodontic treatment. In addition to whitening and porcelain veneers, other cosmetic treatments include dental implants, bridges, and tooth-colored fillings. These are made of materials that look and feel like your natural teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

A popular cosmetic dental procedure, porcelain veneers are thin shells that cover the front surface of your teeth. They can help you achieve a symmetrical smile, hide stains or chips and even straighten crooked teeth.

Veneers are made of medical-grade porcelain that resembles the natural enamel of your tooth. They are durable and stain-resistant, but you should avoid eating foods that may damage them.

During the veneer placement process, your dentist will need to shave some of your tooth structure for reshaping and placement purposes. While this is not a permanent procedure, it is not reversible.

On average, porcelain veneers last 10 – 15 years before needing to be replaced. To make this treatment more affordable, your Chandler cosmetic dentist can develop a financing plan that will break up the costs of your new veneers into manageable monthly payments. This will allow you to transform your smile without breaking the bank all at once. This is a great option for those who want to improve their smile but do not have the time or budget to commit to other treatment options.

Dental Implants

A cosmetic dental procedure like dental implants restores lost or missing teeth to bring back balance and symmetry to the mouth. They also capture the natural feel of real teeth, and they can help you to speak, eat, and smile with confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can give you a boost of self-esteem, and when taken care of properly, many treatments last for years. The best part is that most of these procedures are affordable, and they can be performed in just one office visit.

A dentist who practices cosmetic dentistry will have extensive training in these types of procedures and will have experience using them in a clinical setting. They will have vast technical knowledge and a refined artistic touch.


Cosmetic dentists perform procedures that are elective rather than necessary for oral health. While restorative dentistry focuses on repairing or replacing damaged or decayed teeth, cosmetic treatments make the smile more aesthetically pleasing.

For example, composite bonding covers damaged or discolored tooth enamel with a material that closely matches the color of the surrounding tooth. It is an affordable, quick and non-invasive procedure that improves the appearance of a smile.

Likewise, dental implants replace missing teeth and improve the overall bite and chewing function. They can also prevent the bone deterioration that occurs when a tooth is not replaced.

While most people associate cosmetic dentistry with a desire for picture-perfect smiles, it actually benefits your dental health and improves self-esteem in many ways. In addition, most cosmetic procedures are long-lasting when properly cared for. Cosmetic dentistry also saves you money in the long run by preventing bigger problems that require more expensive treatment options. For this reason, it is often a wise investment.